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Working with Creducacion regarding my Credit Card debt was a fantastic experience! Our representative was very personable and deeply involved with everything that was going on regarding my own personal circumstance! He held my hand through the whole process and addressed every question and concern I had along the way. He promptly answered my emails and always picked up my calls, he kept me informed with every detail of the process and in the end saved me over 60%!!! Well worth it, and I will definitely be recommending everyone I know!

Sean S.

Thank you for the great job of clearing up my credit accounts! I highly recommend your services.

Don F.

Creducacion helped us get back on our feet again. We were in debt with over $30,000 in credit card bills, and our representative helped us bring that down to a very manageable amount. We could not thank our representative and Creducaion more. Our representative is extremely professional and very genuine. At our first meeting, his no pressures approach and the fact that he was very sincere in making sure this was the right thing to do in our particular situation sold us. I would recommend Creducacion to anyone who needs some extra help in dealing with their financial troubles.

Joseph K.

I highly recommend Creducacion to improve an overall quality of life. Our representative has helped me with every step of the way. He is the consummate professional that truly cares for your well being. Creducacion has helped me not only understand my financial situation but also how to better manage my money. If you want top notch consultation and outstanding help, please give Creducacion a chance as I did. I am just the average American trying to “get out of the hole” and Creducacion has been my guiding light, every step of the way troubles.

Rich T.

I only wish I had known about Creducacion sooner. The legal advice that I received (from an alternative group) was not the best way to proceed with my situation, however, our representative still was able to help me. He knows this business inside and out and he is committed to getting you the best outcome possible. Our representative walked me through the whole process and we talked through options, there were no surprises along the way. I got the best deal possible and it saved me over $7000!

Jody H.

I am a teacher at an independent study high school in a low income area of San Diego. Many of our students do not have the guidance needed when thinking about credit. Our representative’s workshops help our students better understand credit. Our students’ interest increased on these topics. Many of our students entered into great discussions gaining valuable knowledge. I sincerely appreciate the work and outreach that he provides to help people understand the importance of credit.

Ellie H.

I wish I would have not listed to family about how to deal with my debt and consulted a professional sooner, seriously these guys know their stuff. Interview them as we did, we got ridiculous results!

Guillermo A.